A downloadable game for Windows

Prove your skills on ice

Simple controls, competitive gameplay and no rules except score the most goals.

The game

Hockey couch game inspired by classic arcade games like Hat Trick (1984 - Bally/Sente) and Windjammer (1994 - Data East). The game is designed for 1v1 and 2v2. Controls are easy to pick up but allow for deep and competitive play. 


  • 1 to 4 players (couch/local multiplayer)
  • CPU players
  • 5 unique rinks with different gameplay
  • Customizable rules
  • Accessible & precise controls
  • Control everything: both goalkeeper + player
  • Hand drawn
  • Game stats

What you need

Xbox controllers recommended (for 1-4 player). Keyboard supported for 2 players (no remap).

Online multiplayer

My game does not have online multiplayer.

About the game

I am a solo developer, programming/drawing in my free time. The game still in development and i am still tweaking/fixing stuffs.

Install instructions

- Unzip/extract the archive in a folder
- Launch "SMT.exe" to run the game


Super Mad Tricks 0.5.62 Public.zip 43 MB

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